Friday, June 3, 2011

Ava's Words

Ava is talking up a storm lately! She says all kinds of things and is repeating and imitating all the time now too. Some of her favorites: "dog" (she constantly points at dogs and says "dog" and "woof woof" over and the woof woof she uses her whole body to say it), "HI!", "Buh-bye", "Uh-oh". She points to her own nose, mouth, eyes, ears, etc and to ours now as well and says those things....nose sounds like no with a cute inflection in her voice. I asked her to say belly button yesterday and she did pretty good with that one, surprisingly, since there are quite a few syllables! She knows that dogs say "woof woof", ducks say "cack cack" and cats say "meow" (kind of). She tries to say Bella sometimes and dada/daddy sounds like a lot of different things. Her favorite expression is "that guy" (that's what it sounds like she's saying at least) and I think it means what's that or something along those lines because she often points while saying it. She repeated "stinker" after me the other day (guess we're really going to start having to watch what we say!) I'll have to get some of these on video soon and post them because the way she says things really is adorable!