Sunday, May 18, 2008


So I (Rachel) decided to catch up with the rest of America and start watching Lost. I always figured it would be a show I might like to watch but I always had schedule conflicts and then never got into it. But now that I'm married and my husband watches it, I felt like I should try and catch up so we can talk about it together. Plus since I'm not currently employed, I have some free time to able to do just that. I started watching Season 1 last year and only got through a couple episodes so last week I started where I left off. I borrowed it from my brother-in-law, Aaron, and love it! I finished Season 1 in less than a week (all 25+ episodes!) and tonight finished Season 2 disc 1. They definitely do a great job of leaving you hanging, keeping you in suspense, and playing to your emotions all at the same time. I've shed a few tears (when Michael, Sawyer, Jin, and Wyatt leave on the raft, when we find out that Rose's husband, Bernard, is still alive) and also jumped at some of those scenes when they're running from strange, wild animals, and the mysterious "others." Jamie is also enjoying watching old episodes with me in the evenings and loving that I'm enjoying them so much too. Hopefully I'll finish these next three seasons before they start up again in the fall... :)


Rob Thompson said...

Glad you're enjoying it. It's kind of funny to hear you describe things that I definitely remember as being mind-blowing, but were kind of a while ago so I now just take them for granted. All I can say is keep going, there's LOTS of good stuff in store. How about that Season 2 premiere though?

Dawn said...

mmm, good stuff. the early lost is probably the best lost.

but it's still freakin' cool now, too. you'll have plenty of time to catch up before season 5 starts, probably in '09!

sawyer was one of my favorite characters from the beginning, and remains so now.

and what did you think of ep 4 where it's revealed locke was in a wheelchair?? awesome!!!

ooh, soon you'll see more of my other favorite character, desmond.

keep us posted! you are lucky to not have to wait entire months to have some of those cliffhangers resolved!! the rest of us have been in agony.

Rachel and Jamie said...

Season 2 premiere is great! I'm on Disc 2 now!

Rachel and Jamie said...

Yeah the Locke in a wheelchair story was the first of many amazing storylines! Loved it!

I've seen Desmond briefly, I'm wondering if he comes back though...??

Jamie is a fan of Mr. Echo I guess, so he's excited to see him again.

I can't wait for more!

Chrissy & Jonathan said...

I'm glad you're liking Lost. I got pretty disillusioned with it this season, but once the series is entirely over and Jonathan tells me how it ends, I *might* go back and watch it. I've discussed this with many people--the reason I liked Lost was because of the themes of redemption and hope despite the crazy lives of the characters. But the beginning of this season made me think that crazy lives just get crazier, so I don't want to watch. That said, I think I will watch once it's all over. Maybe I'm weak or I just want happy endings, but I just can't handle the emotional roller coaster.