Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Home Improvement Projects

We've been making a list of home improvement projects over the last couple months and I finally wrote them all down the other day so we make sure we get them all done. These are projects to get done in the next couple months as well as in the longer term (since who knows how long we'll be living here with my house not selling...)

1. Paint kitchen and nook
2. Replace and hang light fixture by back door
3. Replace fans in living and dining rooms
4. Replace fan in nook with light fixture and fan in guest bedroom with new fan
5. Get new outside doors and install
6. Fix quarter round on wood floors
7. Replace outside deck/patio
8. Rebuild outside stone wall holding back flower bed
9. Paint downstairs bedroom
10. Replace light fixture in both bathrooms
11. Fix upstairs shower
12. Landscape outside

1 comment:

Laura said...

Some of those things were on my list too!!1LOL