Monday, May 9, 2011

Visit with Becca, Delaney, and Geoff

The Girls



Becca, Geoff, and Delaney came to Des Moines to visit us again in April. Becca and I have a scrapbooking weekend normally once a year here in Des Moines. They came to town on Friday night and we scrapbooked all day (9am-midnight) on Saturday while the boys watched the little girls. On Sunday, we went to church, went out to lunch at Felix and Oscars (one of Jamie's favorite places to eat at when he used to work at the Merle Hay Cinema in high school) and got delicious pizza, and then went to the mall and walked around in the afternoon. We were glad they decided to stay Sunday night as well so we could have the day to hang out, especially since they are moving to Cleveland soon. :(  We will have to find a new location for our yearly scrapbooking weekends!

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