Friday, July 25, 2008

A new job!

So I figured I should share with the world that I got a new job! I suppose it's about time after not working for about 3 1/2 months. It sure was a nice break from the world of pharmacy for a short time. I'm going to be working at Medicap Pharmacy which is in Carlisle, about 20 minutes south of Des Moines. It's an older community serving mostly elderly patients with about 90% of the prescriptions coming from the local clinic in town. It should be a nice position because I'll be working Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-6 and every other Saturday from 9-1:30. For a pharmacy job, those are pretty good hours. We're closed Sundays and holidays which is great so I can actually attend a church on a regular basis and be with family on holidays. And I'll still have a couple days off during the week to do fun things (like scrapbooking and working out) and not so fun things (like doing laundry and cleaning). I at least feel like now I can spend money without worrying if we'll have enough. It's also good that I have a job because we still own two houses....anyone looking to buy a townhouse in Aurora? Let me know. We're going on 9 months now that it's been on the market, so I'm very ready to be a one-home family hopefully soon.

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Dawn said...

Congrats on the new job! Hopefully the gas costs for your commute won't eat too much of a hole out of your new paycheck.

I love that you put working out in the "fun" category. :)