Thursday, July 31, 2008


Did anyone else hear that Starbuck's is apparently closing like 600 of their stores nationwide? Now I don't know about anyone else but what sad news. Where am I going to find my grande, nonfat, no water, 5-pump Chai Latte wherever I travel in the U.S. now? Luckily only one in the Des Moines area that I don't think I've even been to yet is closing. My frequent ones will remain open and will continue to serve me the best chai in all the land. Here's apparently a list of all the stores that are closing by the end of the year.

Hopefully your Starbucks near you won't be closing and you can still enjoy your favorite hot or cold $4.00 beverage.


Dawn said...

Wow, it's kinda strange how fascinating I find this. I'm not a full Starbucks addict but the presence of them is comforting to me. Thanks for posting the list. I had fun perusing it. Luckily only one location is closing in my city - a mall that's kinda dying off.

But what will the people on the 5th floor of Macys in NYC do now??? :)

Rachel said...

Maybe they'll have to go to the 8th floor now... =)

Chrissy & Jonathan said...

You know, they JUST opened one in my podunk hometown a few months ago but it's on the "to be closed" list. Boo! And you know what else? I think they cut down on some of their options as well! I went in to one the other day to get an almond latte (my fave) and they don't have almond flavoring anymore! And my sister in law tried to get a decaf mocha but they had to do it some different way b/c they don't have decaf mocha mix. Boooooo!!