Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Apple Picking Part 1

The day of the 5k, Jamie and I went apple picking with our friends Manda and Bryan. We had planned to drive up to this apple orchard in Fort Dodge, Iowa that had a cafe to eat lunch, a corn maze, and apple picking. We drove for an hour and 45 minutes and ate lunch at the cafe there. We were definitely the youngest looking group of people there. After we ate, we walked around the shop for a few minutes and looked for signs for the apple picking and the corn maze. When we couldn't find any, Jamie and Bryan finally asked the lady who worked there where those things were. She gave them a surprised look and said they didn't have either of those and asked where we got our information. They had apples that THEY had picked and you could buy and no corn maze. We obviously got our information wrong somewhere along the way.

Disappointed and confused we walked back to the car to look at our map and info sheet and lo and behold, no corn maze or you pick your own apples at this orchard. =( So we proceeded to find another orchard (since we weren't going to let this ruin our afternoon!) that had both. We ended up at Center Grove Orchard in Cambridge, Iowa. It was a surprisingly warm day so we bought something to drink as well as the other thing I was looking forward to....apple cider donuts. If you've never had them before (like Manda and Bryan) you must try them sometime. These weren't the best apple cider donuts I've ever had, but they weren't bad. The best kind is warm and straight from the oven (or fryer?).

We decided to have ourselves a friendly competition of guys vs. girls. The first task was an apple slingshot. Now the rules were a little sketchy but I believe I (Rachel) won with the only apple actually hitting the target. Second task was completing the corn maze quickest. Manda and I raced against Jamie and Bryan and as you can see ended up at a few dead ends. But ultimately we completed the maze first (unless you ask the boys...). It was a bit confusing as there were two places to exit the maze but we think the entrance and the exit were actually one in the same. So girls 2, guys 0.

We took a hayride back to the entrance of the orchard so we could buy some apple picking bags and then headed to the apple trees. Here we are posing as American Gothic with one of the apple picking devices. Jamie and Bryan definitely enjoyed the apple pickers...

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