Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Continuing Education

So, as a pharmacist, I have to complete 15 hours of CE (continuing education) per year in both the state of Illinois and Iowa in order to keep my license active. It is unfortunate that for the last two years now I have waited until December to complete at least half of my CE's for the year. Last year, as people were coming over to my house on New Year's Eve I was finishing up that last CE at about 10:00pm, just to make sure the date on the form said 12/31/07 and not 1/1/08. Once again this year, I have waited until December 29th to do my last 7 hours of CE. Luckily I had a 5 hour car ride (and a generous husband who doesn't mind driving the whole way) to do a 3 hour CE and today had a half day off in order to complete the rest. Now I'm just suffering through technical difficulties of not being able to submit my quiz on a particular website. I'm hoping that later this evening or by tomorrow they will have their "ERROR" figured out so my date stamped can once again say 12/31/08. I have 1.5 hours remaining and am confident that I can complete the hours before midnight tomorrow night, New Year's Eve!

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Jessica Thompson said...

I feel your pain Rachel. My CLE's are due in October and this year I did them all in September and October.

I'm praying that the glitch gets fixed and you are able to submit them before midnight tonight.