Sunday, January 18, 2009

Des Moines Community Ed Classes

So Jamie and I were talking about maybe signing up for a Community Ed class, like maybe a cooking class or something like that. I found some rather strange classes listed on their website:

-Advanced Bath Salts-Go beyond just mixing fragrance with Epsom salts!
-All Natural Lotions from Scratch
-Life Collages/Vision Board-Using right-brain techniques, participants will learn to design goals and projects through magazine images.
-Scottish Country Dancing, Beginning-Learn a Celtic dance from the 1700's
-Basics of Cooking and Baking with a Wood-Burning Stove
-Historic Soups on a Wood-burning Stove
-How to Write a Romance Novel
-1875 Victorian Hatmaking-Learn to make an elegant 1875 hat from start to finish just as a Victorian milliner would have done....interesting.
And in case you have a small head....
-1875 Victorian Hats in Miniature

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Laura said...

LOL. I've never seen classes like that, but after H was born I was desparate to learn something not related to babies and took a great learn to knit class through community ed. I made lots of Christmas gifts for a few years and then got bored of knitting! It was fun though.