Saturday, January 24, 2009


So I guess I have pneumonia now instead of just bronchitis. I was feeling worse by the end of the cough got worse and I could tell I was wheezing more so I went back to the doctor last night after work. They did a chest x-ray and though it looked like it could be pneumonia. He also gave me a nebulizer treatment to help me breathe a little better and sent me home with an albuterol inhaler (I did think it was a little funny that even though he told the nurse I was a pharmacist, she still explained the side effects of the nebulizer treatment to me...) I also finally got a prescription for an antibiotic which is great. I'm also not supposed to work (well can't do much about that when you have to be there to open the pharmacy) and get plenty of rest which I'm planning on doing today and tomorrow. I'm just glad I don't get sick very often.

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