Monday, January 19, 2009


So I actually broke down and went to the doctor today. Most of the time when I get sick, I just suffer for a few days and ride it out. I have been coughing since Friday and over the weekend started getting chills and feeling achy as well. This morning I went in a little late to work and only stayed for about 3 hours. I knew I wasn't going to last on my feet all day once I got there. So I left and decided to go to the doctor because I was feeling pretty awful. I tried calling Jamie's doctor but couldn't get in there til Wednesday. So I went over to the Urbandale Family Physicians Walk-in clinic. Unfortunately I ended up having to wait almost 2 hours before actually seeing the doctor. And during that whole time I was waiting, I gradually felt worse and worse. I had the chills so bad that it hurt plus the body achiness did not feel good. I had a flu shot this year so he didn't think it was the flu. They drew some blood but the numbers came back fairly the diagnosis...viral bronchitis. No antibiotics, just plenty of rest and fluids. He did say that if I felt worse tomorrow to come back and they'd do a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. Luckily I have the day off tomorrow so I can take it easy and get some rest.


Dawn said...

Oooh, feel better soon. It's hard waiting out those walk-in places. Heck, it's hard waiting it out anywhere. Last summer I went to a walk in clinic and was there for 4 hours, the last two of which I was in the examination room. I forgot my ipod, I finished my book, I felt as though I was in solitary confinement. Memorized everything on the walls. It wasn't pretty. I'd be a horrible mental patient.

Laura said...

When I lived in DSM, I LOVED my doctor and have been comparing everyone to her since. No one measures up. I don't know where her office is now as she opened up her own family practice. Dr. Anile Khan. You'll love her.

Laura said...

Yikes, I have got to proofread my comments. Dr. Anila Khan