Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jamie's Project 365

Jamie here...

I've decided to start a Project 365. Some of you may be asking yourselves, "what is that??". Well it's pretty straight forward. I need to take at least one photograph each day of the year and post it on Flickr (see I might take more than one, but I have to choose one each day to be the photo of that day. The idea is that it will help me become more creative and see more opportunities for interesting photographs.

here is day 1

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Dawn said...

I've been doing 365 for about a half year, just for myself - I don't post 'em to flickr. And I post them on my blog once a week in a batch. Every day would take too much time for me...
It is a creative challenge, but since you are kid-free, you have more time to get out and get creative. A lot of mine are throwaways from around the house. Come on by and check them out under my tag, "project 365". You'll see what I mean.