Saturday, January 17, 2009


So I'm still playing catch-up to watching Lost before Season 5 starts next week. I've been watching the episodes (starting in Season 1) since last summer and I'm finally to the middle part of Season 4. I did take a hiatus in the fall and winter when life got busy but have been watching and watching for the last few weeks to catch up. I can't believe everything that has happened...the others, people being killed, stories from the future, "time traveling", boats, helicopters, surprises, suspense! I'm not looking forward to having to wait a whole week or summer to watch a new episode! Nothing beats having them all on DVD and watching them one right after another. I think I'm up to Episode 7, Season 4...halfway to go before Wednesday night!

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Dawn said...

The clock is ticking! Enjoy the rest of season 4! It's kind of a shame that you have to rush through this last bit because it's really excellent and the answers start coming VERY fast - the finale is a humdinger, too. Have you seen The Constant yet? It's a Desmond-centric episode that is largely considered the best of season 4. Unabashedly romantic, too!

Soon you'll be like all the rest of us... forced to wait 7 days before another bit - and then 8 months for the next season. Welcome to the other side! :)